Change your mind to change your life”

Hypnosis is an induced relaxed state in which the subconscious mind is open to positive suggestion. It is state of focused concentration, with full awareness of our surroundings.

Clients are led into Hypnosis with verbal cues, images, metaphors to relax and focused your attention.

Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the trance state to bring about therapeutic change. The Hypnotic trance state is a natural, relaxed, focused state of mind, experienced unconsciously, daily .  Staring at a flickering fire often produces a state of relaxation and well being. This is the Hypnotic state, we enter daily, when we ‘switch off’ to ‘recharge our batteries”

Clinical Hypnotherapy can permanently change unwanted and destructive behaviour patterns. Helping to process  trauma, overcome ‘bad habits’ without the emotional pain of traditional Psychotherapy.   In this state of heightened awareness you can access and change life experiences to address the root cause of problems. Hypnosis  works on the principle of Neuroplasticity which re-wires the brain into more positive, healthier belief, emotions and behaviour to  allow us to grow.

Hypnotherapy has been used extensively as a tool for positive change on the personal, emotional and physical  levels.  Some people want to boost  their Confidence, Self Image.  Other uses include Weight Management,  for Study and Exam preparation, Sports Performance, Lifting Creative Blocks. Hypnosis also helps with Stress Management, Relaxation, Insomnia, Smoke Cessation.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to identify and change emotional blocks that produce negative relationship patterns, addictions, compulsions that impacts your wellbeing, Dr. Joe Dispenza Science of Brain“ shows how our emotions are dictated by our habitual thoughts patterns,  which affect our physical bodies.   When we become stuck in the ‘lower emotions’ of anger, fear, we stagnate.  Become “frozen with fear”, “out of control with anger” or “broken with pain” In these mind states we are unable to make sound decisions, take positive action to change our lives.  Hypnosis is a powerful, yet gentle tool, to identify past trigger events that create our present problems.

With Hypnosis we can release outdate programming downloaded in childhood and create new more beneficial ways of thinking, feeling and creating our world.  Hypnosis helps to create new neurological connections to rewire the brain, known as Neuro-plasticity in the field of Neuroscience.

Physical Health
Hypnosis has been used extensively in ancient and modern times to help manage health issues such chronic pain, reducing allergic reactions, lessen asthma attacks.  Hypnosis has also been used extensively with more serious health conditions.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), studies suggest that hypnosis affects immune system responses. In the case of allergies and autoimmune conditions, the immune system can be positively conditioned to stop producing allergies.  This is the sphere that greatly interests me and which is becoming more evidence based with the emergence of the Quantum Field Theory.

As an experienced Holistic Practitioner, I help clients tap into their inner resources to make changes.   Hypnosis is a powerful tool for processing past, present and future problems effectively and safely.

I use various techniques, tools and post-hypnotic suggestions to help you identify and release what ever is blocking your path to success, health and happiness.  You can make positive, desired and permanent changes.
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Hypnotherapy is goal orientated and solution focused:
Personal Targets
Weight Management with Nutritional Programme
Smoking Cessation,
Stress Reduction

Life Events
Career Changes

Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Neurosis
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Phobias and Fears

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