CBT  and Quantum View of Mental Health   ..’Mind is the brain in action’.. Neuro Science.

CBT is popular, evidenced based Treatment. It helps to identifies thought patterns (NAT’s – Negative Automatic Thoughts), which affects emotions leading to detrimental behaviour.  CBT informs the clients to identify and connect negative mind states with self defeating behaviours.   CBT helps to break the negative recurring cycle, with negative thoughts, producing negative emotions (anger, shame, fear, jealousy) leading to self-sabotaging behaviour (addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, risky behaviour, etc) to  generate more negative thoughts to firmly create a feedback loop. People tend to become stuck in negative patterns which tend to become automatic neural response learn in childhood.  

However CBT does not address past experiences including, early trauma or behaviour patterns which are carried into adulthood. In childhood we learn which emotions ‘feel familiar’ and tend to replicate them in adulthood when they do not serve us. 

Left unchecked our cognitive processes become hard wired into our brain, are integrated into our personalities and define our behaviour and perception of ourselves and the world.

The Quantum Perspective of our mind/consciousness  is revolutionary and exciting.  It explains how we use of our brain to either heal ourselves and improve our lives or  destroy ourselves and our health.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “How Stress Affects our Mind and Emotions”  introduces Neuro-plasticity based on Quantum Field Theory.

Neuro-plasticity explains how the chronic Stress Response affects health,  producing  anxiety, neurosis, insomnia and disease. In a negative mind state we block our creativity, health, happiness and success. Neuroplasticity occurs when a new the brain fires new brain patterns, creating new synapses, affecting our DNA and our physical world.  When we focus on positive thoughts and feelings we produce neurological changes which affects every facet of life.

Quantum Therapies
There are many psycho-energetic tools to help you change, heal and grow. These are non-invasive and fun. They include Life Coaching,  Neuro LInguistic Programming to reverse negative patterns, to communicate more effectively, create a future you desire. Other Quantum tools  included Guided Visualisation, Meditation, Mindfulness and Past Life Regression.

For those seeking Energetic Healing, I offer Shamanic Ritual, Crystal Healing, Divination, Cleansing and Magical Practices based on South American Spiritual Traditions. With Quantum tools  you can rewire your brain, focus your intentions to create powerful changes in your life and connect to Universal Intelligence.

‘Step into your Power,  be the change you want to see”


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