Quantum Physics now proves what healers and ancients cultures  have always known,   that everything in the Universe is energy vibrating to create the physical world as “Gregg Braden explains.

The connection between healing and spirituality has been deliberately repressed. The ancient symbol for medicine is the Caduceus representing mind/body/spirit connection and the rising of Kundalini to a Higher State of Consciousness.  Chinese Medicine is based on the energy system found in our bodies, Nature and the Cosmos.  Ancient Healing Modalities identifiesChi as Life Force Energy vital to our health and well-being.

Chi, Prana, and the Electromagnetic Auric Field

Life Force Energy or Chi  is an important system linked to health and well-being.  These energetic system have been used for Millenia in Eastern, African and Native American Traditions.

Quantum Physics explains the link between Mind, Body and Spirit.   Recent leaps in technology provides evidence that these ancient healing traditions work on the energetic level which involve much more than just the physical body.

Eastern Healing Traditions link the Chakras with the  Endocrine System to dictate our health and well being.

In Quantum Physics, everything is energy. So every thought affects our health and our perception of the world.  Energetic Healing works on the Chi (Life Force Energy) which affects our Auric Electromagnetic Field, encompassing Subtle Bodies, Meridians, Chakras and the Endocrine System.

As we begin to accept that Mind, Body and Spirit are interconnected,  we awaken to our inner power to heal ourselves and Planet Gaia. We are all awakening to the power of our minds as ancient healing modalities return to our awareness.

I have been practicing as a healer since 1987. I draw from  Latin America healing traditions which recognise and respects the Earth, drawing on Gaia’s Healing Power.  In my healing practice, I use Oils, Botanics, Crystals, Divination and Spiritual Practices from Latin America.

I help clients with a variety of issues:
Spiritual Couching
Cleansing Rituals
Space Clearing
Clearing and Building Rituals relating to health, relationships and finances
Divination using Tarot, Oracles, Pendulums and  Crystals
Court Cases and winning Legal issues
Protection Rituals
Root Work Conjure Remedies and Mojo Bags

1 hour sessions                                    £50

Products:  Smudge sticks, incense, Charged and Programmed Crystals, Aromatherapy, Anointing and Dressing Oils  and much more.

Please call or email with enquiries. Privacy and confidentiality assured. 


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